Paintings for sale. 

Caitlin Fielder original paintings and prints sending throughout Europe and shipping internationally. 

• H a p p i n e s s •

Her happiness radiates through this drawing, she truely was a pleasure to draw. Original and prints available. 9in x 12in 90lb medium tooth cream paper - high quality prints available any size. 

• The body hold •

I enjoyed playing around with different techniques and painting methods on this acrylic on canvas painting. The original painting is still available; prints also available on request. 

• Pyrenean ibex •

One of the larger paintings I have done in a while! The is a beautiful 75 x 52 cm acrylic on marbled paper. The Pyrenean ibex was declared extinct in 2000. Spanish scientists cloned some frozen tissue into another species of ibex in 2009, and the clone lived for only seven minutes. 

Prints available to any size. 

• The eyes do more than see •

A beautifully detailed black and white original acrylic painting on canvas. Original painting still available and prints available to any size.  

• A touch of class •

The characteristics of this dog shine through in the painting. Acrylic on canvas with prints available to any size. 

• Curious wolf •

The intensity of the wolfs eyes speak for themselves. The high quality print shows all the fine strokes and details through the painting. Original painting of acrylic on canvas with prints available to any size wanted. Printed on high quality 80 lb photo card stock in matt form.