Selected past works. 

A pencil drawing of a portrai taken by Apel Photography in Nusa Penida. The Art of Old Faces.

The Art of Old Faces

I found this photograph by Apel Photography of a beautiful lady from Nusa Penida. This shot struck a chord with me and evoked an array of emotions. Every mile of her wearisome road etched into the lines of her face carrying the burden of knowledge.  

Her expression continues to mesmerise me. 

Pencil on paper 12" x 17" 

Eyes are the window to the soul

This is a pencil portrait drawing I recently finished of my Pop for my mother.  

I wanted to keep the focus point on his eyes, as these are what I remember most about him. 

Pencil on paper 12" x 17"

<  A graphite and pencil drawing of Hemideina thoracica. A weta endemic to New Zealand. 

Pencil and charcoal on paper

6" x 9". 

A recent painting of a pigeon (Columba livia) - Almond coloured racing homer.   >

Acrylic on canvas 6" x 9" 

A commission of a Belted Galloway cow that I completed in 2013. 

Acrylic paint on canvas 36" x 48"

Acrylic on canvas painting. Prints available on request. 

12" x 16" canvas.

Commissioned painting for a client of a stage in 2016 Tour de France. This was one of his favourite moments of the 2016 season. 

Lotto Jumbo rider George Bennett stopped to help team mate Wilco Kelderman, after the glue holding the tyre to the wheel rim melted. 

Acrylic on canvas.