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b. 1992, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Lives and works as an artist and trains as a professional trail runner in Andorra, Europe. 

New Zealand artist Caitlin Fielder is a self-taught contemporary portrait and figurative artist. A long time hobby artist Caitlin recently took her work professional and now bases herself out of Andorra in the Pyrenees.

Caitlins niche work customising cycling shoes began when she created a hand painted pair of cycling shoes for her partner George Bennett to wear in the Tour de France in 2015. Once the shoes were seen live during the race, the interest in her custom painted shoes grew and the commissions started flowing in. Since then her business is largely hand painting and customising cycling shoes, working with companies like Shimano, Nimbl, Specialized, Garneau, Silca, Chapter2, BUFF to create special one off custom shoes and also working with many of the professional cyclists in the peloton. She also works on many portraits, both animal and human.

As Caitlin explores her unique skill set she is venturing further and further into her creative niche as she creates more original pieces, both abstract and realistic.

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