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A collection of testimonials from clients both from New Zealand and international clients. 

Hi Caitlin. The painting arrived!! It is awesome and was quite emotional seeing such a life like picture of our "storm". You have a wonderful talent Caitlin and should be very proud of your work! - Wanda  

I have to say that I think the painting of Boo is just incredible. She’s so special to us, so I really can’t thank you enough. Thank you once again.

- Louise

Thank you so much! I went into this a little unclear of what I wanted, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished product. I just wanted something a little different than what  I’ve already seen, and something a little personal. These are perfect. You did an amazing job! It’s clear you put a lot of thought into the design. And, you’ve been wonderful to work this with. Thank you for being patient with my indecision in the beginning.  I can’t wait to see them in person and see my girlfriends reaction. 

Now...I’m already thinking about a pair for myself. Once I figure out a design, I’ll be in touch. 

- Scott 

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